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Setting Intentions for Ultimate Self Acceptance

As the new year begins, many of us are thinking about resolutions. We set goals for ourselves, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, or saving money. However, studies show that only about 8 percent of people achieve their New Year's resolutions. So try something different this year! Instead of setting resolutions, try setting intentions.

What exactly are intentions? Intentions are a way of setting a guiding principle or focus for the year ahead. They are not specific goals, but rather a way of living or being. Intentions are focused on the present moment, rather than a future outcome. They help us cultivate a sense of purpose and direction while allowing for flexibility and adaptability.

Here are some tips for setting intentions for the new year:

1. Reflect on your values: Think about what is most important to you in life. What are your core values? How can you align your intentions with these values?

2. Focus on the positive: Instead of focusing on what you want to change or fix, focus on what you want to cultivate or create. What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want to show up in the world?

3. Keep it simple: Choose one or two intentions to focus on, rather than a laundry list of goals. This will help you stay focused and avoid overwhelm.

4. Write it down: Write your intentions down and put them somewhere where you can see them regularly. This will help remind you of your guiding principles and keep you on track.

Here are some examples of intentions you might set for the new year:

- Be more present in the moment

- Practice self-care and self-compassion

- Cultivate gratitude and joy

- Embrace change and uncertainty

- Show kindness and compassion to others

- Pursue creativity and self-expression

- Learn to take care of your body more intuitively (Trefo Nutrition can help you with this one!)

Remember, the purpose of setting intentions is not to achieve a specific outcome but to cultivate a way of being that aligns with your values and purpose. Intentions allow for flexibility and adaptability and can help you stay focused on the present moment rather than a future outcome. So this year, why not try setting intentions instead of resolutions? You might be surprised at how much more fulfilling and meaningful your year can be.

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